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We perform with a mindset of best and our strength lies in developing innovative processes through our in house research and development. We accept challenges as opportunities to grow.


We are a versatile manufacturing company with various verticals like manufacturing aroma chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and agro chemicals.


We offer top-notch products at most competitive prices and we are dedicated, passionate and always give our all. We take responsibility for our actions and act with empathy and humility.

  • Moraya Global came into existence in 1981 with its own manufacturing facilities. This is a 100% subsidiary of FFC Group which was established in 1967 by none other than N.A. Nimbalkar then was the Chief Perfumer of Hindustan Lever (Indian subsidiary of Unilever). He had a fairly good exposure to perfumery during his assignment with Lever which earned him good amount of expertise, competence and needless to say reputation !

  • Mr. Nimbalkar always felt there was a huge gap between creativity that could have been offered to the market and that actually was being offered. It was this stage when the idea of giving shape to his perfumery creativity and expertise came to him. This lead to the establishment of Fragrance and Flavour Corporation (FFC) in 1967. Since then there was no looking back.

  • The market started enjoying dream fragrances offered by FFC. The market for FFC also started growing. To start with it was only The Bombay region. Gradually it expanded to different parts of India and ultimately to many corners of the world. With this expansion in market, volumes grew many folds.

  • Growth in volumes brought in its own set of problems. It was a difficult situation sourcing consistent quality raw material in bulk quantities. This forced FFC to make a backward integration and diversify into manufacturing Speciality Aroma Chemicals. The objective of this facility was primarily to supply special essential raw materials to FFC Aromas.

  • But gradually over a period of time, with increase in efficiency, technology, expertise, Moraya started supplying speciality aroma chemicals to many other perfumers around the globe. With further capacity addition, today Moraya is a bulk manufacturer of various speciality aroma chemicals supplying chemicals to the Who's Who of Perfumery business at all corners of the world.

  • That was not all. To add to all these, FFC recently has diversified into NATURALS ! 42 acres of land is being used to cultivate and extract natural essential oils using biotechnology.

Even SKY isn't the LIMIT !

Understanding customer needs and responding with prompt information form the core of Morya Global's services
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